This recall process has been approved by the ACCC to remediate the engines supplied by DL Engines and Hobby Australia. Information on this recall can be found at

Email Notice

DL Engines and Hobby Australia is not the manufacturer of DLE Products.
These products are imported and sold by numerous businesses.
As such consumers with DLE products that have been personally imported, or purchased from
other agents, resellers or suppliers that have directly imported must contact
the business that supplied them.
They are NOT eligible for the recall by DL Engines and Hobby Australia.

Engines must not be shipped to DL Engines and Hobby Australia until the purchase details and serial # has been verified and approved for return.

To process the volume of affected engines is going to take time. For efficiency we will be completing these in batches, and we ask for your patience while we work through this with you.
Priority will be given to new and warranty engines, and engines requiring maintenance.

If you have an engine that is no longer serviceable or damaged beyond economical repair, please contact us for disposal options.

Please click on the below link and complete the form to register your product for recall. You will be contacted within 5 business days after submitting the form.


Alternatively you can scan the below QR code and complete the form from your mobile device.



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