Ignition Battery Eliminator & Kill Switch by TechAero USA

Ignition Battery Eliminator & Kill Switch by TechAero USA
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Product Information

Ultra Ignition Battery Eliminator & Kill Switch

Safely get rid of your ignition battery, save weight, and gain more control and increase safety.

 The Ultra IBE has superior capacitor and opto-isolating filtering to anything else on the market!

 You can use ANY battery chemistry and voltage you wish on your RX thanks to the on-board, true voltage regulator.

Our IBE has a very bright LED so you can easily see if your ignition is on or off and works with virtually any electronic ignition system

Simply plug in to one of your RX channels and use as an on/off switch / Kill switch. Power for the ignition is drawn through the RX.

The Ultra IBE is made in the
USA and you can be assured of the quality and workmanship

Please Note: The Ultra IBE regulates voltage to the Ignition only. Your RX Voltage is unaffected by the Ultra IBE.

  "Ultra IBEC" Features

    • Eliminates the need for a separate ignition battery and mechanical on/off switch.
    • Compatible with the power requirements of single and twin cylinder model CDI ignition
      modules via jumper selectable 5V, 5.3V, 6V and 6.6V voltage outputs.
    •  Enhanced flexibility and safety via transmitter controlled on/off control of CDI ignition
      power from a spare receiver auxiliary channel.
    •  Tech-Aero exclusive 4 stage filtering blocks interference from CDI ignition noise in the
      wiring path to the receiver, permitting use with 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum and 72 MHz
      FM radio receivers.
    • Filter stages 1 & 2: An advanced 2nd order common mode LC power lead filter
    •  Filter stage 3: Three power filter capacitors combine to provide over twice the
      capacity of others, enhancing peak impulse current delivery to the CDI module.
    •  Filter stage 4: An optical isolator circuit prevents any stray noise from feeding back
      into sensitive receiver electronics via the signal lead.
    •  A high precision, very low dropout power regulator design further assures power receiver
      bus isolation with superior performance during peak current demand.
    •  One IBEC model fits all: compatible with any battery technology commonly used for
      radio control use, with a usable input voltage range from 4.8V to 12V.
    •  Bright 3mm LED CDI power on/off indicator.
    •  High reliability Surface Mount components reduce weight to only 0.6 oz and size to 1” x
      1 ¾”.
    •  Heavy duty 22 gauge twisted wire power extensions 

User Manual for latest version (4 Voltage setting Jumper Pins) can be downloaded HERE

User Manual for first version (3 Voltage setting Jumper Pins) can be downloaded HERE


Product Code TAERO-IBEC
Manufacturer Tech Aero USA
Condition New
Weight 0.08kg

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