DLE-55 Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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DLE-55 Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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Product Information

DLE-55cc Petrol Engine

DLE-55 Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Includes -

  • DLE-55cc Engine - Latest Version with new cylinder design
  • Latest High Voltage (4.8~8.4v)  Electronic (Auto Advancing) Ignition & Spiral Cable Wraps
  • Walbro Pump Carburettor & CompositeThrottle Arm Extension
  • REAL NGK CM6 Spark Plug in addition to stock factory DLE plug
  • Spare Spark Plug Cap Grounding Spring
  • Muffler with smoke inlet, Coupler, Clamp, Gasket and Bolts
  • Machined Engine Mounting Standoffs (68mm long) and Bolts.
  • DL Engines Australia Instructions & Warranty Sheet.
  • 2 Year Factory Back DL Engines Australia Warranty
  • FREE Registered Shipping to Australia

Optional Premium Upgrade Pack only $35 and includes the following extras and save you $

  • Twist Lok Fuel Filler Point 
  • 2 Metres of fuel line
  • HD Power switch for ignition
  • Opto Kill Ignition Kill Switch

We provide the Best No Fuss Warranty Service for DL Engines & work is done locally in Australia authorised by the DL Factory

Many claim they are factory dealers, but most are not......visitwww.dlpower.net for a list of authorised DLE dealers.


Output Power: 5.5HP at 7500rpm
Idle Speed: 1350rpm
Maximum Speed: 9000rpm
Static Thrust: 14.2KG at 100 Meters Altitude, 12.5 KG at 1800 Meters Altitude
Displacement: 55.6cc
Bore and Stroke: 45mmx35mm
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1


Engine - 1310gram Exhaust - 100gram Ignition - 120gram


Fuel: 2C Regular Gasoline mixed 30:1 - 40:1 (Mineral based for break in, synthetic thereafter)
Propeller 2 Blade: 22x8; 22x10; 23x8; 23x10 ; Propeller 3 Blade: 20x10; 20x12; 21x11.5N;22x10N
Ignition Battery; 4.8 to 8.4 volts (max) >=1500Mah (New version ignition)
Spark Plug: NGK CM6
Spark Plug Gap: 0.018: to 0.020" (0.5mm) Installation torque: 7 to 8 ft lbs


2 Cycle Air Cooled
DLE membrance pump carburettor with manual choke
Automatic advancing (CDI) electronic Ignition


The bolts used on the DL50 / DL55 are all 5mm metric sizes.
Mounting bolt pattern is 80mm wide and 67mm high (centre to centre) see Mounting Template
Product CodeDLE-55-ENGINE
ManufacturerDLE - DL Engines China

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5


I have had a DLE 55 for around 3 years now. After firing it up, I did a small tune. After running in, I tweaked it again (didn't really need it) and since then have not touched it. Every so often I remove the cowl and give the engine a clean and lubricate choke & throttle arms. I have flown this engine at sea level as well as places such as Orange NSW and there is no change in performance. I have three DLE engines and I love the way they give me no grief at all! (Feb 16 2020, 11:36 am)
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