DLE-35RA Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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DLE-35RA Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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5.0 average, based on 3 reviews


Product Information

DLE-35RA Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Pack Includes - 

  • DLE-35RA Rear exhaust Engine
  • NEW 4.8~14v Auto Advancing Electronic Ignition
  • Muffler, Gasket and Bolts
  • Aluminium Standoffs and Bolts
  • DLE Pump Carby & Composite Throttle arm extension
  • Genuine NGK CM6 Spark Plug in addition to factory supplied DLE plug
  • 2 YEAR DL Engines Australia  - Factory Backed Warranty
  • DL Engines Australia English Instructions & Support
  • Free Registered Delivery to Australia

Optional Premium Upgrade Pack only $35 and includes the following extras and save you $

  • Twist Lok Fuel Filler Point 
  • 2 Metres of fuel line
  • HD Power switch for ignition
  • Opto Kill Ignition Kill Switch

We provide the Best No Fuss Warranty Service for DL Engines & work is done locally in Australia authorised by the DL Factory

Many claim they are factory dealers, but most are not......visitwww.dlpower.net for a list of authorised DLE dealers.

Idle Speed: 1500 rpm/min
9.0Kg Static Thrust/ 100 meters Altitude       
7.0Kg Static Thrust/ 1800 meters Altitude
Recommended Propellers:  18x10; 19x8; 19x10; 20x6; 20x8; 20x10

Ignition Battery: 4.8v ~8.4v (latest Version ignition)
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6
Plug Gap: 0.018" to 0.020: Installation Torque: 7 to 8 ft-lbs

Displacement: 34.9cm3        
Diameter × Stroke: 38.5mm×30mm 
Compression Ratio:  7.6:1  
Fuel 2C Gasoline:
30:1 - 40:1 (Mineral based  at 30-32:1 for breakin, 30~40:1 quality synthetic thereafter)
Weight:  Main Engine - 940g; Muffler - 70g; Ignition device - 130g


Product CodeDLE-35RA-STD
ManufacturerDLE - DL Engines China

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Dle 35 R

Purchased Dle 35 and installed it in a sport model. Started easily and ran perfectly. Never needed to fiddle with mixture. Never knew Dle were that good, but they are. Just ordered another one. Cheers Peter (Jan 02 2019, 11:20 am)

Fantastic engine

The engine looked good straight up. I mounted it in my 1/4 scale nieuport 17 with a 20*6 prop ran it on the ground for 10 minutes then flow it for 5 ltrs of gas then thought I suppose I'd better check the tune. It never missed a beat out of the box and ripps my 7 kg nieuport around beautifully. Good on you Scott. (Feb 09 2013, 18:10 pm)

Great engine!

Just installed my "35" in an extreme flight 78" extra. Awesome combo! Engine started straight out of the box no problems and haven't needed to touch the needles at all. Just mounted it, and flew it - hasn't missed a beat! Still breaking it in so lots of performance still to come. Pulls unlimited vertical on just over 50% throttle, 19 x 8 prop. I can see I'm going to need a bigger prop to slow it down a bit but I expect the thrust will go up a notch as well. Seems to have the strength of an ox. Engine is well finished with a few nice touches such as the angled plug/boot and a choke rod guide cast into the crankcase. Scott and DLE Aust provide exemplary communication and service. BW (Nov 28 2012, 10:33 am)
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