DLE-30 DLE-35RA Single Prop Bolt Adaptor

$ 25.00
  • Product Code dle-30-singlebolt
  • Manufacturer RCB
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Converts DLE-30 & 35RA 4 bolt hub to use single centre 10mm bolt.

Allows use of any 10mm centre prop, with out having to be drilled.

Also available to suit DLE-55/50

M10 x 1.25 Thread

Centre of stud is tapped to suit M5 bolt to hold spinner

Length of stud is 44mm

The base of the standard prop shaft needs to remain in place to keep the hub assembly attached to the motor.
If you do not wish to cut down the standard prop shaft, it will need to be replaced with a suitable grade and size flanged nut to retain the hub in place.

Made in China